Entering An Age of Thoughtful Design


H4 is excited by the opportunity to explore better designs, not just the aesthetics but the function of the home, home office, garage or central parking, open spaces and perhaps last but not least the letterbox ;)

In an article last week from The Planner, Government Publishes Revised NPPF, news that the reviewed framework places a much higher value on design is welcomed. No longer allowing for poor design or a lack of cohesion of the development within its surroundings, the revision means local authorities - and local communities - are better facilitated to challenge the impact of a design that creates discord.

Perhaps the tide will change from reams of reports and tick box design (think holes in fences for hedgehogs!) to better presentations that really show what the public is getting. With a future emphasis on high quality design, we can begin to look towards developments and infrastructure that truly support and supplement communities. (Read our blog on the potential to turn the release of the Green Belt into something positive to see how good design is a thoughtful thing.)

Telling a design story with film and animation seen from many perspectives is an art form adopted in many other industries. Our job is to convert worries into understanding about why the design is so important. By influencing them with a story of thoughtful, caring design that is told in such a way that strikes a chord, touches the heart and calms the cynical view, our CGIs and video presentations are helping to placate objectors nationwide, and we look forward to seeing the emphasis on design become a more 'visual topic'. 

Guy Middleton