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Each CGI has a message(s) to convey. The message to the audience at a planning committee is different from the message to a homebuyer. The development or subject of the visualisation is just the same but the view angle, composition, lighting and general storytelling will be different. 

Typical planning view grey model - winter

Typical planning view grey model - winter


Planning visuals are usually plain, simple untouched and bland. Any suggestion of cheating or retouching tends to put the audience off. This presentation is usually the first time the public see the proposal. So here are just some of the issues to consider, spefic to planning views. 

  • Sensitive or protected views.

  • Leaves on/off trees

  • Landscape impact assessment

  • Potential objectors, neighbours views.


We are all familiar with the marketing 'Hero' shot showing a development in its full glory. To keep a campaign fresh, we develop a series of renderings to keep the audience entertained as a project unfolds. From the early teaser. revealing only a glimpse of the scheme, to the full-on detailed view, dressed with the lifestyle accessories or corporate toys. When marketing a scheme consider

  • the main selling feature which we can capture in CGI  - balcony, view, proximity to water etc

  • Where will the images be displayed - newspaper , hoarding, brochure or web

  • What dressings and accesories will complete the view - bath robes, coffee table books, people, lifestyle

CGI with the 3d camera positioned mid air

CGI with the 3d camera positioned mid air

v1 h4.jpg


Often when a project is at the very early conception, we get asked to visualise a new idea, with very little design information. It helps to speed up the design process by seeing the design unfold and marking up and amending as we go. We can offer this service overnight, allowing you to sleep peacefully knowing the next day you will see a new model/ design.