H4Group create 3D CGI animation and flythrough videos of your property to help your client connect with your project

Animation and flythroughs are used to help the investor or buyer get a good sense of what the end result will be. Time, space and motion used to give the viewer the sense of moving through a building. Good design tends to change the viewers response as they travel through a building. The way the light interacts with surfaces and space, the volume of the space, the temperature of the colours - all can change with the building location and materials used and help the viewer get real taste for the design.

Some of our productions

A new housing development by the coast with great views out to sea.
A combination of film footage from a drone blended with CGI animation and photography to create a small presentation clip
Concept animation to study the massing at the planning stage. A complex scheme in terms of planning meant that the client wanted to get buy-in from the local authority at a very early stage. By using a concept style, the viewer is not distracted by odd finishes or random designs.
CGI animation of a housing development in Southampton. External and internal areas are modelled to the EXACT build specification, including all kitchen appliances, all joinery, sanitary ware etc. Needless to say the development has all been sold. www.H4Group.com
A short clip to show a proposed redevelopment of Trafalgar Dock, Southampton