CGI Animation and Walkthrough

Tell the story with the moving image

Endorsements, opinions (good and bad) can help to tell the planning story. We help to storyboard a video that addresses the issues and introduces the solutions. This may be a simple flythrough at eye level, to show the scale and variety of the proposed development, or alternatively, it may be actual footage of the existing environment, with the proposed development superimposed. We can back this up with interviews of relevant people, local dignitaries and residents. Their reaction to the proposal, their concerns, scepticism arising from a 2d drawing, and their delight when they understand the true vision as it unfolds on a screen.

The combination of video and CGI animation can be used to build a compelling story that gives a consistent message to everyone. This way the message can be channelled one to one or over social media, without distorting the key ideas behind the development. A production that can take weeks of planning but save weeks in a planning application and result in a more balanced view.


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Animated CGI Walkthrough or Flythrough

In today's world of instant everything, the power of the moving image is rising. Not only does it give the viewer the chance to explore a building or development but it can also lead to consistent, on-brand messages, being broadcast anytime, anyplace anywhere.

We storyboard the idea first to develop the key messages that you want to pass to the audience. 

Then we animate a draft storyboard to test the pace. Too long and it might not hold the attention of the audience, too short and it might leave the audience bemused. 

Finally, we render the animation at around 24 frames per second 

Thames Street

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Putney Plazza

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Trafalgar Dock

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180 Southampton

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