CGI Renderings for Affordable Homes

Making smaller spaces look and feel comfortable is a combination of the right angles and using lighting and furniture layouts to welcome the viewer into a prospective new home. Affordable home developers go to the utmost detail to ensure every square foot of space offers the right look and feel. On top of the finishes, we then add furniture from our vast 3d model library, each model handcrafted to enhance the fabric textures and stitching. It all helps to bring a space to life. 

The River Thames

The above shot is one frame from an animated sequence near Greenwich. The client wanted to show the proximity to the river so we took the drone up and flew a sequence of flight paths to get the right shot which we then integrated the computer generated imagery in.

Dusk Shots

We recommend dusk shots when the elevation or location can be brought to life with a bit of creative licence.

Water and dusk

The best of both worlds when the viewer is enticed with a dusk view by the river. Imagine the glass of wine on the balcony.