CGI for Coworking Spaces

Fashion in office design is moving on. The 6 inch raised floor, open plan, VAV AC is giving way for small short-term office space. Cool furniture and exposed services add another challenge. We understand M&E and can read reflective ceiling plans like a conductor can read music. 

0203-11608-H4-Holborn-forth floor low.jpg

Open plan

The ultimate in flexible space and with far more design detail than a spec CAT A office. 

CGI Coworking space H4.jpg

Hot desking

As office staff have become more mobile, the need for this gives the conundrum on how to dress the space, laptops or screens, personal effects or lockers.

H4-Fora- view_1.jpg

Individual Cellular offices

The mix of open plan and cellular provides ample opportunity to deliver clever shots. Personal space adjoining meeting rooms or breakout spaces.

* All images shown on this page are computer generated, not photos.