CGI 4 Industrial Sheds and Logistics

You might think a shed is a shed, but we work with the developers, architects and landscape designers who make shed look cool.  Often the bulk and mass of the shed is a sensitive issue to neighbours and at the planning stage, the landscape plays a key role. We build all of the landscape, hardscape and softscape, using 3d models from our library. Testing 5-year growth, ten-year growth to see how the landscaping will mature and allow the development to blend in. 

Industrial Shed CGI H4 5.jpg

Marketing sheds

At the marketing stage, we focus on the features and make sure a tenant can see in an instant, the dock doors, parking, eaves heights and office space. We have modelled and rendered dozens of logistics warehouses, industrial estates, business parks and distributions centres and we have built them for use in VR.

Industrial Shed CGI H4 3.jpg

No Shortcuts on Sheds

Each development is different and we build the architraves, doors, signage, cladding panels all to specification. NO SHORTCUTS

Industrial Shed CGI H4 2.jpg

BIrds Eye Views

Aerial views dropped into a photograph to show the local connections. Alternatively, we lift the roof to give a peek inside each unit.