CGI 4 office space

Marketing office space prior to completion is made easier with CGIs. Open, column-free floor plates can attract the facilities manager looking for efficiency and reduced fit-out costs. Lay in a notional space plan showing furniture and the department heads start to imagine how space will look an feel when occupied. Do not assume that every tenant or occupier can read a 2d Floorplan. The left and right side of the brain means that we are not all able to orientate a floor plan, the view out of the window, the proximity to the lift. Oddly the finance teams are usually the ones who struggle with the perception of a space, but that is just a general observation based on 35 years of experience.

h4 CGI office_04.jpg

Visualising office space

The balance between an occupied space and a lived in cluttered desk is an obvious one, but delivering a well-lit environment with good daylight is key to selling an office space. We interpret the reflected ceiling plan per the architect's drawings and build each luminaire in 3d. No stuck on photoshop work, it simply does not give the depths and perspective to create a true environment

Office CGI H4 1.jpg