Product design and sales CGI

As engineers, surveyors and artists, we occasionally develop design ideas to test, get feedback or win publicity for a good cause. We work with some great designers and a great range of clients and when a concept or design idea is at the early stages and just needs that helping hand to set it on its way,we can help. If you are seeking funding and a first visual impression to help explain the concept and win over the inital naysayers, get in touch. We like translating an idea or concept into a visual, it gets an instant reaction, intant buy-in and when it opens the door to the next round of negotiations, we all win.

If your idea has legs, and has a good chance of making it off the drawing board, we are happy to dicuss ways that we can help.

Here are just a few of the designs we have undertaken over the years.

The Mayor of London Routemaster Bus competition _ H4 Entry

The Mayor of London Routemaster Bus competition _ H4 Entry

London routemaster bus

Client; London Mayor competition

At the time of the competition, the London office overlooked the bus depot for the 19 bus. The classic Routemaster design. The daily view must have acted as a visual trigger and when the Mayor of London initiated the design competition for a new Routemaster, Guy Middleton sat down and designed the H4 entry. The cheeky smile to the front of the bus was added to win the attention of the press and the design went onto feature on the BBC and in the Evening Standard. Sadly we lost to Foster/ Aston Martin and then Heatherwick studio took over to develop the bus you now see on the streets of London.

pocket watch-_20.jpg

Pocket Watch Smartphone ZTE

Design, styling and the production of a full set of images for a new smartphone concept. The brief was to create a phone that would survive the rigours of daily life and reduce the risk of loss or damage.

Guy Middleton created an ergonomic design, easy to open, close and hold. Attached to the body with a chain or leather strap, the user could forget about leaving the phone behind. The dual screen provided a comfortable input and viewing mechanism.

H4 Flight Sim CGI.jpg

FLIGHT Simulator centre

A concept design, to allow museum visitors to learn the basic ground school, flight principals in a group environment. The design was also to encourage team building corporate events, to encourage footfall through an existing museum.

H4 set about a concept design and costings to support a business plan and promote the concept and business plan to potential investors.

The final design was set out in a set of CGIs and an interactive which can be viewed below.