Our CGI Showcases

Our showcases have been sorted to allow you to see the type category you are interested in, a kind of mood board of images to help work out what you like or dislike. 

Promoting a design or development requires an understanding of the key selling features AND then how to best create a visual message to suit. Each type of property has different selling criteria. Retail Zone A, Industrial Eaves heights and dock doors, offices open plan column-free. The letting agents are keen to get the property under offer and we can emphasise these key selling features in our CGIs. 

Residential CGI

Super-prime, High end, affordable, listed cottages,  compact living we have worked on them all.

CGI residential H4.jpg


Selling the dream home, lighting, funriture and dressing a room.

Office Space CGI

Open plan, column-free, raised floors, Cat A, Shell and core, we know the office market inside out we understand the effort that the design team put in to make the space great. 

Office CGI H4.jpg

Office Space

Graade 2 listed, CAT A Spec fit out, Open plan, cellular

Coworking Spaces CGI

Where furniture, lighting and finishes really work hard to create the right environment before a co-working space is launched, 

CGI Coworking space H4.jpg

Coworking Space

Cool trendy offices, exposed ceilings, greay furniture

Retail CGI

The pressure on the retail market is immense and we are starting to see client look at some exciting ideas in the retail space. When an idea is new or untested, our CGIs are helping to take it the concept on to the next round of funding or simply to inspire tenants to take new space. 

Retail CGI H4 London.jpg


Shopfronts, window displays and lifestyle

Product Design and Development CGI

Product design CGI H4 15.jpg

Design and Development

Product or buidling design in 3d

Industrial Sheds CGI

Before the first prototype rolls off the production line, we can test the look and feel and build marketing campaigns for a lot less than tooling a production plant or printing in 3d ( although we like that too). 

Industrial Shed CGI H4 8.jpg

Industrial.Sheds. Logistics

High eaves, dock doors and acres of sheds

Private Rented Sector (PRS) CGI

Student Accommodations CGI

Compact spaces where every detail of the bedroom has been carefully thought through to give a student a lot more than the old student 'digs'. With other facilities on site such as roof gardens, launderettes, study areas etc, our CGIs help to get the accommodation pre-booked before the building is complete. 

Student accommodation CGI H4.jpg

Student Accommodation

Tidy, smart compact places to live and learn.

Affordable Homes CGI

Often designed to exacting standards, we treat affordable homes with the same care and attention as the super prime palaces.

CGI Affordable home H4.jpg

Affordable Homes

Making great spaces look and feel like home

Theatres and Cinemas CGI

Our founder, Guy Middleton, has over 30 years experience in theatres and cinemas and continues to help improve and renovate these wonderful buildings. Possibly a result of having spent too long in the projection room at the Curzon Mayfair, Middleton has an in-depth knowledge of what makes an entertainment venue tick. 

0612-h4-11749- Cwecc-view5 option1.jpg

Theatres and Cinemas

Seating, view angles audience and auditorium

Museums CGI

Museums have struggled in recent years, to draw people away from their screens. Yet museums play a huge part in preserving and telling stories and we have had the pleasure of working with the passionate curators who strive to pull in fresh audiences every year. 

Museum CGI H4.jpg


Where exhibits and architecture battle for a selfie

We have showcased many of the markets we work in, but not all. We have worked on superyachts, New Bus designs, town markets, hotels, pubs, WCs. Nothing is impossible and we love a new challenge.