CGI Walkthroughs

We will take a brief, respond with a storyboard, amend the storyboard and then animate a flythrough or walkthrough. Voiceovers, soundtracks, logos credits etc. then we produce 1- 2 minutes of powerful animated presentations.

Often the surrounding environment is covered in hoardings and scaffold but where there is a key reference or surrounding areas we blend the 3d model into the photo and create a compelling image to show your design in all its glory. If you are not sure, have a look on Google street view and you can explore some ideas at the comfort of your desk, before going to the site.

If you are not sure whether to commission a flythrough or static images, we often create the storyboard and feature key scenes that can be used for print or web use. It does not double the workload but it helps to keep your visual campaign fresh. Frequently car adverting campaigns comprise of a video car commercial with a static image or scene printed in a magazine or on the web site. The same visual identity across all platforms helps to promote your development or design.