Marketing Projects


H4 render-7.jpg

Site: The Loft

The Client: New York Estates

The client gave us the artistic camera to shoot the space as we felt fit and gave us the chance to create some unusual view angles that really focused on the detail. Sometimes a striking piece of art on the wall can just help to scale the room. 

0411-h4-The forum CGI-04.jpg

Site: The Forum

The Client: Joint Venture

A set of 20 CGIs, a 2 minute animation to promote the high quality finish and flexible terms in a development of 22 types of apartment for rent. A young and semi industrial theme throughout the design process helps to deliver some very trendy spaces. View all work for The Forum

1130-h4-Buckingham Palace Road-v5-low.jpg

Site: Buckingham Palace Gate

The Client: Grosvenor Estates

A restoration of a period building opposite the New Nova scheme at Victoria. It's nice to work on period buildings and model some of the historic buildings. At the same time we get the chance to dress the shopfronts, which is always fun! View all work for Grosvenor Estates