Not everyone can read 3D floor plans and understand the scale and orientation of the space. Granted, architects, engineers, and surveyors can read 2D like a musician reads a manuscript.

Buyers and occupiers want that instant knowledge and understanding of a scheme, and by transforming 3D floor plans into 3D Space plans it allows the viewer to get a better idea of the volume of space. How the space relates to the location views from window, vertical access to the lobby, possible furniture layouts. A 3D space plan can help to explain the flow of space, how each space relates to the next and how the key areas relate to the site.

Interactive 2D and 3D Space Plans

We produce many different architectural rendering styles to suit each building, some with walls and windows and where the rooms are small, a transparent treatment different view angle, helps to open up the floor space. We can animate the 3D floor plates to provide an immersive, interactive experience, to display on touch screen tablets or desktops.


0914-11782-h4-the forum-type H low.jpg
3d space plan_ H4 CGI- London
3d property floor plan CGI
3d property plan H4 CGI
3d floor plan H4 CGI
3d Master plan H4 CGI
3d site plan H4 CGI
Space plan of industrial Unit H4 CGI
3D cross section H4 CGI
3d Axonometric H4 CGI