Theatre and Cinema Visuals

Having spent 15 years working for Curzon Cinemas and the Mayfair entertainment group, H4s MD, Guy Middleton has worked on over 50% of Londons West End as a project manager. In addition to the West End, The Royal Festival Hall, Southbank, The Globe Theatre, The Royal Court Theatre and many more.  Key sight lines, raked seating, big screens and stage layouts all help to make each venue special. H4 CGIs have been used to demonstrate theatre investment 

Theatre CGI H4.jpg
Theatre CGI H4 3.jpg

CGI above for a new Theatre design

Guy Middleton was approched by a private shcool who wanted an initial feesibity for a new theatre. Drawing on Guys vast experience in theatre and cinemas, H4 developed a concept design to test the areas and costing. These initial studies help clients to decide on the next step and the appointment of a full design team.

Theatre visual H4 CGI.jpg


To explain the space and relationship of the lobby plant and the auditoruim a series of 3d plans were developed for the trustess to explore.