Advantages of a CGI

CGI just makes everything look pretty, right? Wrong! There are huge benefits for planning, marketing and sales of property.

The days of massive A1 2D plans are long gone – they are cumbersome and quite frankly do the environment no favours. Worse still, 2D drawings viewed electronically are really difficult to see in full on most devices, particularly smaller ones, such as laptops, tablets or mobile phones.

Step in to the world of CGI and let us turn a great design in to a work of art. See not only the bare bones of a project, but a 3D visualisation (even a fly-through if you wish), not only of the external façade but of the internal room layouts and the surrounding environment.

Read on to find out how a CGI can benefit you, your clients, your developer and your planning officer.

Easier Visualisation

Although few in the construction industry want to admit it, it is actually incredibly difficult to visualise accurately a space from a 2D plan. Bring in to the mix a project which includes a number of floors, multiple layouts and very different external views, not only do you end up with a number of elevation drawings and plans to accommodate multi-storeys, it becomes very difficult to truly see in the ‘mind’s eye’ a complete building.

A 3D render does all of the hard work for you – it creates a complete and accurate visualisation of the final, finished project to a photographic level of detail.

A CGI version of the design will complement drawings, plans, blueprints and even models – to give a realistic version of the project at its completed stage. Importantly, it can confirm that what the architect and engineer have designed actually matches the wants and needs of the client or developer.

Outstanding presentation

A high-quality CGI architectural render will stick in the mind of any one who views it – it really is a true art form. In fact, it is common for people to mistake what is CGI for an actual photograph.

Whether the images form part of a presentation, a report or planning application, the accuracy, realism and detail contained within the images, of both the internal and external appearance of a building will impress and inspire.

Swifter Approval

There is nothing worse than multiple questions or concerns from planning departments or building control about an application for planning permission. With CGI many questions that may arise are instantly answered. For example, impact on the local environment can be clearly shown, the extent of the project is accurately represented and the evidence of adherence to health and safety related specifications from building control, can also be shown. An accurate visualisation is also much easier to comment on and to evaluate.

Quick to Change

Dealing with an electronic image means it can easily be changed – whether it is changing the colour of the wallpaper or removing an entire wall.

At H4, we issue ‘work in progress’ examples, so that you can see how your design project is developing and answer any of our queries, as well as ask any of your own questions. Furthermore, we use a specialist team in China, making our turnaround times for small edits and addition shorter than most.

Extensive Detail

To ensure the realism of a completely finished building, details are added to a CGI which bring it life. From physical items, like furniture and floor coverings to environmental effects, such as light of the sun, depending on the way the building faces.

It also allows you to flex your full creativity muscle or create something which is truly representative of those that will actually use the space once built. In a CGI, even people and items which reflect their lifestyle can be included.

Memorable Marketing Material

Excellent imagery supports any campaign – making it memorable. Therefore, a CGI is not just for the early stages of a project, such as development proposals or planning applications. The images will continue to contribute to the project, helping to create marketing materials for potential buyers, to use in social media and for other advertising opportunities.  

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