H4 Group are experts in Computer Generated 3D Visualisation, verified views and CGI Animation.

You want the best impression every time, which is why we carefully manage each visual from beginning to end, allowing you and your team to contribute to the final production. A photographer takes a photo with an instinctive checklist;- composisition, lighting, action or movement. We have a similar approach PLUS a ton of information to sort through. CAD drawings, hand sketches, markups. We then build the 3d model to the exact specification.

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Why use H4 for your CGI project?



  • Fast Turnaround Times With our studios in London and China, we operate around the clock.

  • We Love Red Pens We produce the work in a series of stages so you mark up the design and comment as we go.

  • Fixed Prices We quote a fixed price and stick to it. 30 Years of experience and careful project management means no surprises at the end (and we do not need to buy work at a cheap price only to rack up the extras with every change).

  • Personal service Each project is managed by one project manager who is available on the phone or face to face when you need a meeting. That said, most clients trust us to get on with the production and relax knowing the production is in safe hands.


H4 100% CGI to show a proposed development in Mayfair, London.

H4 100% CGI to show a proposed development in Mayfair, London.

h4 cgi 1500x2000.jpg
H4 CGI office st james london sw1

CGI animation and walkthroughs


In today's world of instant everything, viewers want to see and understand a project..... in an instant. Computer generated animation (CGI) helps to capture the audience and give them something better than this rambling text can ever achieve.

Hot tip. Always consider the audience and the auditorium. The audience in a trade fair is different to a one to one presentation in a boardroom. This will influence how the story is told, the camera angles and the soundtrack or voice over and helps to achieve maximum impact.  

Produced for David Wilson Homes , Southampton

Produced for David Wilson Homes , Southampton

11630-H4 rpw-aerial c1.jpg
Concept animation for a planning applcation trafalgur dock Southampton

Concept animation for a planning applcation trafalgur dock Southampton

h4 cgi animation.jpg

Verified Views or verified montage

When producing a CGI for planning applications the following variables come into play.

  • The camera location and height; normally eye level 1.6m high

  • The relative height of the camera to the height of the site;

  • Camera lens; a 50mm lens is usually accepted as a good representation of the human eye.

  • The weather, time of day and time of year ( think leaves on/off trees)

  • The render quality of the final output; the position of the sun, the reflection/absorption of materials ( if known).

  • Final output; most computer screens are not colour calibrated and printing varies with each printer.

  • Panoramic views; the extent of overlap when patching together of individual frames.

  • Distortion/keying; when taking a view close up to a site.

    Given the number of variables the visual treatment or graphic style of the final image needs careful consideration.


Site measurements include camera position and topography

Site measurements include camera position and topography

3D model dropped into the photograph - Swiss Cottage London

3D model dropped into the photograph - Swiss Cottage London

H4 verified CGIs can be used to support a planning visual impact assessment, where key views are thought to be under threat. Architects and designers are realising the importance of the landscape institute guidelines for landscape visual impact assessments. This sets out useful guidelines and methodology for verified views and how to measure the impact of a proposed property development.

Verified views (AVR) accurate visual representation