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Property professionals commission work from us with an emphasis on different aspects of a scheme. It is easy to assume a visual serves one singular purpose, but we appreciate the special cases where the CGI has a story to tell or a message to convey. 



The RIBA plan of work has 5 stages of work before the project reaches the construction stage. From the initial Stage 0 strategic definition, to stage 4 Technical design, 3d modelling and CGIs are now a day to day tool to help any client or individual easily understand the design. Tools like sketch up are easy to use and can produce some simple visuals. To make a more compelling visual the level of rendering, the number of views or a simple flythrough will help move the idea forward. A few suggestions to visualise a difference. 

Winning a pitch; 

  • Explain the inspiration

  • Video the team and practice culture

  • animate the concept design

  • provide one or 2 detailed renders to show close up the ideas

  • keep the design options open - we can build a simple sample board in 3d and animate it to give a flavour of the material selection. 

Design development

  • View angle studies for planning

  • Key spaces design development 

  • Early marketing views for press coverage and teaser campaigns

Final marketing

Before the cleaners leave the building, our  CGIs get early coverage for the developer, but sometimes for the architectural press we remove some of the people, change the light and give produce a more raw and naked image to allow the viewer to focus more on the design, and not, for example, prospective footfall in a retail scheme. 



The initial 'coffee table meeting' with the planners is a good opportunity to make an impact and sell the dream. The dilemma is how much detail should be revealed. A  massing study in basic block form or powerful montage to show the sympathetic materials and how the design fits in. A few alternative approaches. 

  • Never assume the audience have visited the site ( particularly at early planning stage) existing and proposed shots can fade in to help the audience understand.

  • 10 pages of team CVs can be compressed into a 10-second film to promote the developer's track record. 

  • If people are added to a scene, avoid showing their faces or use motion blur, to avoid making the image too personal. 

  • Keep consistent messages with simple bold text overlaid onto an animated presentation.